Vulnerable users who viewed the pages with JavaScript enabled had their real IP addresses exposed, and a number of arrests were made. A couple of advantages to single-vendor markets as well. Because there’s no “commission” that the vendor pays, the costs here are cheaper than multi-vendor markets.

Cannazon is a bit different from other darknet markets as it gives you to see the product listings before actually registering a merchant account. This means you can get a common sense of what the market has to offer before actually registering an account. The layout of the market is rather easy to use, and they have a comparatively advanced filtering options and a good search function. This makes it no problem finding not only the merchandise you are interested in but a vendor willing to ship to where you are as well. Some of the fields are marked in asterisk which refers to be needed information while the others are optional field. The details that are asked in the registration include username, password, a six-digit pin, a login phrase currency and Cryptocurrency that you would prefer.

It does support escrow even though multisig transactions aren’t available for now. Anyone can begin selling, so long as they are able the $500.00 vendor-fee. Alike almost every other darknet markets, this charge is waived if repute and legitimacy can be proved from other marketplaces.

Point Market formerly known as Tochka Market too is market that’s been here long enough, 3 years to be exact and therefore has some established reputation right now. It’s also open-source and comes in over 8 languages. Although as it pertains to currencies, it kept things traditional and accepts only Bitcoin as the payment method; this is another reason it wasn’t positioned earlier in this Darknet Market list. Products of most kinds are available, including however, not limited by Drugs, Security and Hosting, Services (Hacking / Carding / Energy Control etc.), Identification, Fraud etc. The only countries it has officially banned are UAE and Russia, users aren’t accepted from the above-mentioned locations. Samsara Market doesn’t allow trade of Fentanyl, Rape/Torture or Child Porn Material.

All the usual darknet products available including drugs, fake documents, counterfeit items/services, malware, digital goods, software etc. FE is something of the rarity on Cannazon and only granted to vendors who are highly trusted, having completed several hundred orders, with a total rating of 90%+ positive feedback. Funds for FE listings are non-refundable by the marketplace but can be refunded by the vendor at any time. Talking of numbers, the market boasts 42,000+ product listings for the present time. That’s also the second-highest quantity of products you’ll find on any of the other darknet markets upon this list.

Nearly 900 vendors make its gigantic product-stock possible. Anyone can sell here, if they can deposit $500.00 worth of BTC or Monero. Does offers very intensive information regarding its vendors. This prevents potential scammers from scamming you. To avoid scams, it displays detailed vendor histories.

You can purchase makes up about pay pal e bay, etc., much cheaper here. Horizon Store – horizon3bncnvvhk.onion On the horizon you will find physical credit cards and digital is a store that has been operating since 2018. Take a look, it helps to save time while searching through all the listings possible. You can get yourself weed, hash, a lot of different concentrates, edibles, seeds, and so many more. They accept 2 cryptocurrencies on the webpage that are Bitcoin and Monero. They also put a small exchange rate on both and that means you can “expect” just how many Bitcoind you have to pay for your things.

It’s a drug-exclusive market which also sells digital products and weapons. Isn’t very product-rich and only has about 30 total products. Most products are listed by the site-admin even though third-party vendors accepted. These aren’t as popular or successful as the ones mentioned previously.